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Global Pacific Academy Sdn Bhd (also known as GPA) was founded in the year 2009 as a professional training and development centre.

GPA realizes that the achievements of higher levels of professionalism in human capital can only be realized through continuous education, training and development.
GPA aims to update business entrepreneurs and professionals to be both financially successful and socially responsible. GPA also aspires to educate and groom participants who aspire to become professional managers capable to accept and withstand the global challenges and have the ability to spreadhead innovative changes in the business management industry.

GPA have a strong reputation in offering Plantation (Palm Oil), Business Administration, Engineering courses and Master of Education.

GPA were formed with the strong belief and understanding that higher education is vital to the progress of the Nation. In line with economic development and the K-economy of Malaysia, there is an urgent need for qualified manpower in the specialized areas of contemporary management field.

With the introduction of distance learning and the increasing call for innovative managerial and entrepreneurial styles, GPA have heeded the call by the Malaysian Government to come forward to support the development of the working adult management education in the country.


To be the leading institution participating synergistically in education, training and consultancy of human capital.


To provide quality education for the development of individuals, who will contribute to the needs of the industries and support the Malaysia government’s policy.

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Mr Tiong YK

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Mdm Judy Leong


Ms Neesa